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A Professional Home Inspection Is Needed Regardless Of Market Conditions

“It is a grave error to allow anyone to advice against an inspection, regardless of market circumstances,” says the California Real Estate Inspection Association, a professional association with over 850 real estate inspectors.

“Every home has undisclosed or unrevealed defects awaiting discovery by a qualified home inspector. These can include mere functional problems, such as faulty plumbing or a defective roof or major safety and/or fire issues such as faulty electrical wiring or an unsafe furnace. Anyone who recommends against home inspections is not looking out for representing the best interests of the parties involved”.

A professional home inspection is wise regardless of the home’s age. For brand new homebuyers, be sure to have the property evaluated prior to closing escrow as a final precaution.  A qualified inspector usually will find additional defects that slip through the cracks of the “standard” construction/ building inspection processes.

This important warning for a professional inspection also applies to home sellers. Home sellers are urged to utilize home inspections prior to listing their homes. By securing an qualified, professional inspection prior to placing a home on the market, a seller can minimize or eliminate a potential future argument that they were attempting to conceal or failed to disclose pertinent items regarding the condition of the property.

It is imperative that a seller secures the service of a competent, experienced, professional home inspector. A poor inspection can have a drastic consequence (it may be argued that a poor inspection preformed by an untrained inspector was recommended for the sole purpose of hiding the true condition of the property). Make sure that the recommended  and  hire  inspector  is trained and experienced in home inspection, maintains proper insurance, and is a member of a professional association such as ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors or CREIA, the California Real Estate Inspection Association.

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