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Be Prepared for Your Inspection

People who are in the process of selling a home should be prepared for a thorough home inspection, according to RealtyPin.com, a listing and search service for real estate buyers and sellers.

Smart buyers will make their offer contingent on the home passing an inspection, the site says. Sure, a home may look fine to the casual observer, but do you know what could be lurking underneath that fresh coat of paint or those new roof tiles?

An inspector will. Sellers need to be prepared for these four issues:


You can’t always see it, but if mold is lingering in your home, a good inspector will find it – and most buyers will probably run in the opposite direction. Mold isn’t just expensive to get rid of; it is also dangerous. Some forms of it can even be toxic.


Rot is never good, because it’s a sign that something is, or once was, wet. Even if mold didn’t develop, there’s a chance the structure isn’t as strong as it was before it rotted – meaning someone will have to put in some major work just to make the home safe. One of the worst places for rot to pop up is on the roof. A good inspector will take a long look at your roof shingles (and your chimney, if you have one) to see if anything looks out of place. Odds are a buyer won’t agree to buy your house until you make the necessary repairs – or, they’ll want a major discount on the asking price.

Electrical issues

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