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Do Your Homework on Home Inspectors

Do your homework. Do your own research on home inspectors and make sure your real estate professional, from whom you are getting your vendor referrals, is both experienced and successful.

Experienced to ensure that they understand the importance of only using reputable vendors of any kind. And successful to increase the likelihood that they are working from a mode of contribution and professional integrity and not one of survival.

Back in the day, before inspectors were governed by the powers that be in today’s world, if you could hold a pencil behind your ear while carrying a clipboard around, you could call yourself a home inspector. Not so today. Today’s home inspectors must be educated in the building process, licensed and bonded.

So here’s the dilemma: When you require a higher level of expertise in any field, the costs and liability exposure get higher, creating an environment of even greater scrutiny. Of course, with greater scrutiny, inspectors — in an effort to first do a good job for their clients and, second, to keep themselves out of court — list everything they can possibly find wrong during an inspection.

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