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Glossary of Terms

Note: All definitions apply to derivatives of these terms when italicized in the text.

  • Appliance: An item such as an oven, dishwasher, heater, etc. which performs a specific function
  • Building: The subject of the inspection and its primary parking structure 
  • Component: A part of a system, appliance, fixture, or device
  • Condition: Conspicuous state of being  
  • Determine: Arrive at an opinion or conclusion pursuant to a real estate inspection 
  • Device: A component designed to perform a particular task or function 
  • Fixture: A plumbing or electrical component with a fixed position and function 
  • Function : The normal and characteristic purpose or action of a system, component, or device
  • Functional Drainage: The ability to empty a plumbing fixture in a reasonable time
  • Functional Flow: The flow of the water supply at the highest and farthest fixture from the building supply shutoff valve when another fixture is used simultaneously 
  • Inspect: Refer to Part I, “Definition and Scope”, Paragraph A
  • Inspector: One who performs a real estate inspection 
  • Normal User Control: Switch or other device that activates a system or component and is provided for use by an occupant of a building
  • Operate: Cause a system, appliance, fixture, or device to function using normal user controls
  • Permanently Installed: Fixed in place, e.g. screwed, bolted, nailed, or glued
  • Primary Building : A building that an Inspector has agreed to inspect
  • Primary Parking structure: A building for the purpose of vehicle storage associated with the primary building
  • Readily Accessible: Can be reached, entered, or viewed without difficulty, moving obstructions, or requiring any action which may harm persons or property
  • Real Estate Inspection: Refer to Part I, “Definitions and Scope”, Paragraph A
  • Representative Number: Example, an average of one component per area for multiple similar components such as windows, doors, and electrical outlets
  • Safety Hazard: A condition that could result in significant physical injury
  • Shut Down: Disconnected or turned off in a way so as not to respond to normal user controls
  • System: An assemblage of various components designed to function as a whole
  • Technically Exhaustive: Examination beyond the scope of a real estate inspection, which may require disassembly, specialized knowledge, special equipment, measuring, calculating, quantifying, testing, exploratory probing, research, or analysis