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Home Inspection: Get It Done

When buying a home, you’ll probably do a walk-through numerous times before you give an offer to the homeowner. You’ll probably also have a friend or relative do a walk-through, too, to give you an idea of what kind of shape the house is in.

Those walk-throughs are not a substitute for a close examination by a home inspector.

“A professional home inspection is a methodical look at the systems of a home with the intent of finding any significant problems, as well as pointing out other items that should be addressed,” said Rick Stump, owner of Suburban Property Inspections, Muhlenberg Township.

Roger Lehmann, from All County and Associates Inc., Pottstown, focuses solely on on-site sewage disposal system inspections. He’s able to pinpoint potential problems in all kinds of systems that a general home inspector may miss.

Lehmann inspects cesspools that were built from before the 1960s to the late 1960s; in-ground, gravity-fed or pressurized sewage disposal systems; elevated sand mounds, which were gravity-fed in the 1980s but are pressurized today; spray irrigation/drip irrigation; newer technologies such as drip micromounds and Eljen and A/B soil systems; and small-flow treatment systems like stream discharges.

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