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How Trees Increase or Reduce Home Value

It is the responsibility of every home owner to ensure that their trees are in keeping with the size of their garden and neighboring properties. Not only do very tall un-pruned trees result in a lot of maintenance issues such as from falling leaves branches and wide spreading roots, as well as the legal responsibility of the tree owner should during a storm the tree topple over and damage property or even cause injury.

Unmaintained trees can also seriously reduce the value of your home due to a number of factors that will impact on the decision making process of potential home buyers. For instance large trees will block sun light into South facing gardens as during the summer months they can effectively act as a 100 foot high, 20 foot wide brick wall, so potential home buyers will factor in the cost of having the tree removed, whilst many more prospective home buyers will instantly reject such properties due to the potential for liability. Another important deciding factor is the impact on home insurance costs as many insurers terms stipulate that trees at a minimum should be located at least 5 meters away from properties.

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