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Protect Against Range Tipping

Did you know that free-standing kitchen ranges improperly installed can tilt forward when someone applies too much pressure to an open oven door? The possible result is injuries from the tipped range, and scalds and burns caused by hot food and liquids falling from the range top.

While such an accident can happen to anyone, small children and older people are especially vulnerable to accidental range tipping. The Association of Home Appliance Manufactures (AHAM) urges parents to supervise children when they’re in the kitchen and to teach them safe use of the range.

For added protection against range-tipping mishaps, make sure the proper anti-tip device is installed on the range. This device secures the range to the floor and/or wall and helps prevent it from tipping forward.

Always be safe and conscious when using a range and other appliances. Use them only for the tasks they are designed to do.

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