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Sam Jabuka

Most of CREIA’s members are busy inspecting houses and apartments as part of their own businesses. Sam Jabuka, of Jabuka Home Inspections, takes it one step further.

For the past ten years, Sam has been both a home inspector and a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. when asked how he became involved with Habitat, Sam was a bit reserved in responding. In fact, he enjoys the work so much he really can’t remember who got him involved. Someone, somewhere, mentioned it and that was all it took for Sam.

For those of you not familiar with Habitat for Humanity, it is a nonprofit Christian housing ministry that has helped build over 500,000 affordable houses that provides for over 2.5 million people worldwide. Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabilitates simple houses that are sold to those needing a roof over their heads. The houses are sold on a no profit basis and financed through affordable loans. The homeowners’ mortgage payments are used to build still more houses. It’s an on-going thing. Sam comes from a long line of general contractors (father, grandfather, etc.), so the need to build and inspect is in his blood. When volunteering, he does whatever is asked of him whether it be to paint, drive a nail or offer his advice and experience. “Whatever it takes to get the job done is what I will do.” In fact, he says that when he volunteers “it helps relieve stress and makes him feel good to help people. People deserve to have a roof put over their heads. People can buy a house interest free – people who can’t afford a house can do it through Habitat for Humanity.”

Good friend and fellow inspector Greg Noyes says, “Even with Sam’s busy schedule with his family activities, running his home inspection business and his countless hours doing his CREIA conference chair duties he always finds time to give back to the community by way of the Habitat for Humanity.”

Sam owns Jabuka Home Inspections in Bakersfield and has been a CREIA board member for six years with a variety of positions under his belt.  He was Secretary for two years, vice chair for one and has been conference chair for the past five years. He is a firm believer in the association and looks forward to the positive changes the association is making.

Sam is a native Californian, is married to Nancy and has one daughter, Amy.

The next time you see people hard at work building houses by painting, plastering, installing windows or just raising the roof on an H for H project, be sure to look for Sam. He just might be the person who spurs you into volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

Do you volunteer in your community? We would love to feature you in our spotlight! Please contact Kacy Wallis at ceo@creia.org.

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