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Why You Should Always Do This When Buying a Home

For a buyer in a competitive market, waiving a home inspection can be a tempting notion. After all, it saves the seller a lot of trouble and sweetens the deal without the buyer having to up the price. But this is, invariably, a mistake. Skipping an inspection can mean thousands of dollars in repairs that […]

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What are Some Common Home Inspection Issues?

Hopefully, you already know that home inspections are a crucial part of the home-buying process, but do you know what types of problems a home inspection is likely to turn up? While there is a wide variety of issues that could come up during a home inspection, some are more common than others. For sellers, knowing what […]

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Getting a “Fixer-Upper” and What you Need to Know

“Most buyers are not experienced enough to know the difference between good or poor construction, says Fiona Dogan, an agent… so it’s best to enlist the aid of a reputable home inspector who is experienced at spotting red flags and problem areas.” As a generation of thrifty and handy DIYers comes of age, some are […]

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