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The New York Times Tells You What to Expect from a Home Inspection

You’ve finally found what seems to be the perfect home. It’s got all your must-haves and some of your nice-to-haves, too. It looks like it’s in excellent condition, but merely looking like it’s in good condition is not enough when it comes to such a huge financial decision. To make sure you’re not buying a […]

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Why You Should Get a Home Inspection No Matter What

A home inspection is never as expensive as the risk that comes with waiving one. A quality inspection ensures that both parties go into a sale with eyes wide open and a fair deal in hand. While buyers may worry about the potential added cost to repairs and sellers may grumble about lowering the price […]

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Even Your Dream Home Will Have its Flaws

A home inspection can spare you from surprises after you buy. After crunching the numbers, searching your favorite neighborhoods, and weighing the pros and cons of each property you’ve seen, you’ve chosen a house that seems like the perfect fit for you. While it may be “perfect” when it comes to location, price or features, […]

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