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10 Things to Check When You Move into a New Home

As everyone who has moved into a new home knows, everything always works perfectly from the start and there’s no need to inspect anything once you’ve moved in. Or maybe not. While you should have had a home inspection before the purchase of your house, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do regular safety inspections as […]

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Don’t Underestimate the Danger of Carbon Monoxide

There are many possible sources of carbon monoxide in a home. Unvented cooking appliances, wood burning fireplaces, gas, oil, wood or coal furnaces. Blocked chimneys are another source. So are gas water heaters, gas dryers and tobacco smoke. Carbon monoxide can get in the home if you run your car in the attached garage. Pool/spa […]

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Do You Need a Four-Point Inspection?

The 4 Point inspection is not a full home inspection. It is an inspection that covers the 4 major elements that really measure the health of a home. It is NOT a requirement that a buyer perform a home inspection on a property, but insurance companies are requiring a “4 Point” on all home older […]

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