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The Value of a Pre-listing Inspection for Buyers and Sellers

One tactic that builds rapport between buyers and sellers is for sellers to obtain a property inspection before the home is even listed. Although the buyer will still need to get an inspection later, a pre-listing inspection shows the buyer that the seller is helpful and responsible since the seller was thinking of the buyer’s interests ahead of time and wants the buyer to be satisfied. In addition, a preemptive inspection unearths any unpleasant surprises for the seller.

In some cases, a preemptive inspection reveals the need for repairs, such as leaks or faulty electrical wiring. These repairs will likely be completed in advance by the buyer, unless the asking price is reduced accordingly.

On the upside, since a pre-listing inspection gives buyers a better idea of any additional work needed, an inspection can allow sellers to reject demands for unrealistic price reductions to cover repairs.

For example, sellers can choose to spend a few hundred dollars fixing a plumbing problem that might otherwise turn into $1,000 off the price and lead to additional prickly negotiations.

Most people want to turn the key and walk in to their new home. They don’t want repairs, and they certainly don’t want any surprises. With a preemptive inspection, both buyers and sellers will know if some work needs to be done, and they can at least plan accordingly.

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