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Washing Machine Hose-Line Concerns

Check your washing machine water supply hoses.

The hot and cold water supply hoses to your laundry washing machine are under constant water pressure 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year just like the rest of you water supply piping unless you turn them off between washing machine loads and not many folks if any do that. Like anything else hoses wear out and they seem to possess a malevolent nature in that they wait until you have just left for work, shopping, or to pick up the kids, and/or two hours after you have left for a one week vacation before bursting. Needless to say, the flood damage can be very expensive and with today’s home owner insurance claims being carefully recorded against your home not only will your insurance premium go up, but eventually you may have a problem selling your home because a buyer cannot find an insurance company who will write a HO policy due to past claims made.

CREIA recommends you give serious consideration to replacing your hoses at least every three years and purchase the steel strengthened type, which cost a little more, but are far stronger and certainly worth peace of mind. CREIA also recommends that when planning a trip when no one will be home to turn off the shut-off valves and then leave a conspicuous note reminding yourself to turn them back on when you return with the inevitable load of laundry.

Sam Jabuka
President, Jabuka Home Inspections

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