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What a Pre-listing Inspection Can Do For You

If you are a seller, you probably want to sell your home as quickly as you can at the highest price you can get. But sellers often overlook an easy step that can lead to both of these dream scenarios.

All homes have room for improvement, and buyers have high expectations. When they find out that a home is not perfect, some buyers get cold feet and walk away at the first problem they see.

The beauty of getting an inspection before you list your home is that you get to do it your way—no more feeling powerless at the hands of an inspector and a buyer. At the start, you choose your inspector based on reputation and credentials. Once the inspection is finished, you can either fix any conditions identified or simply reflect it in the listing price. This takes it off the table as a negotiation point against you.

Say goodbye to those 11th hour re-negotiations based on the inspector’s findings. Say goodbye to that parade of inspectors going through your home before a multiple-offer situation. With a pre-listing inspection, you resolve any differences of opinion about your house BEFORE it even goes on the market.

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