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What should you ask your potential home inspector?

For those uncertain about what to look for in a home inspector, the Green Bay Press-Gazette has ten questions you should ask a home inspector before you hire him or her:

1. What sets you apart from other home inspectors?
2. Did an earlier career provide you with helpful inspection experience?
3. If you discover issues that require repair or replacement, do you recommend vendors?
4. If your recommendations are hired, do you benefit financially?
5. Do you carry Errors and Omissions insurance? What does it cover?
6. Will you email a redacted copy of a recent home inspection?
7. Do you perform listing or pre-sale inspections? If so, do you re-inspect for a buyer at the time of a sale?
8. Can you share a story about an inspection where your experience and observation skills uncovered a problem that was not visible?
9. Who at your company performs the physical inspection?
10. Do you physically access the roof to check the various inspection points? If the roof is too steep, or snow covered, how do you inspect it?

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