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Why You Should Consider a Pre-Inspection

Whether you plan to buy, sell or stay put for now, a home inspection can be a valuable tool in different situations.

Though the housing inventory in Metro Detroit remains low, Jim Dietrich, certified home inspector and owner of AAA Home Inspections in Flushing, is still in the midst of his busy season.

As he explains, “The purpose of a home inspection is to identify the condition of the home, especially defects or safety issues that would affect the buyer’s decision.”

While Dietrich recommends a full home inspection for potential buyers, he also suggests considering a radon inspection, which is separate.

“Your neighbor’s could be high and yours could be low,” he says.

His most prevalent find during inspections is a lack of ventilation in the attic. Water issues are common, as well. Sometimes a situation in the basement can be resolved by extending the downspouts or increasing the grade around your house to drain water away from the foundation.

Whenever selling, it’s smart to stay ahead of the game

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